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Address: The registered address for the website is Carrera 51 # 11-65 sur, Villavicencio, Meta (Colombia).

The database where user data is stored and processed is located in the United States, on the servers of Amazon Web Services, the most recognized international data storage and processing company worldwide.

MEDICO AEROSPACIAL S.A.S. undertakes to proceed under the regulatory guidelines to guarantee, to the extent that corresponds to the exercise of the rights of the Holders of personal data, obtained in the development of their functions.

MEDICO AEROSPACIAL S.A.S. ensures the confidentiality and proper management of the information obtained, recorded, used, transmitted and updated by prior, express and voluntary authorization of the owner of the information.


In accordance with the provisions of article 15 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, which develops the fundamental right to habeas data, referring to the right that all citizens have to know, update, rectify the personal data that exists about it in databases and in files of both public and private databases, which is inevitably related to the management and treatment of information that recipients of personal information must take into account. Said right has been developed through the issuance of Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 and Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, based on which MEDICO AEROESPACIAL S.A.S. as the person responsible for the personal data that receives, manages and processes the information and thus proceeds to issue this personal data processing policy, which is made known to the public so that they know how MEDICO AEROESPACIAL S.A.S. treat your information. The provisions of this personal data processing policy are mandatory for MEDICO AEROESPACIAL S.A.S., its administrators, workers, contractors and third parties with whom MEDICO AEROESPACIAL S.A.S. Establish relationships of any kind.


Authorization: prior, express and informed consent of the owner to carry out the processing of personal data.

Database: organized set of personal data that is subject to treatment.

Personal data: any information linked or that can be associated with one or several determined or determinable natural persons.

Privacy Notice: Verbal or written communication generated by the Responsible Party, addressed to the Holder for the Processing of their personal data, through which they are informed about the existence of the Information Processing policies that will be applicable to them, the way to access to them and the purposes of the Treatment that is intended to be given to personal data.

Public data: It is the data that is not semi-private, private or sensitive. Public data is considered, among others, data related to the marital status of people, their profession or trade and their status as merchants or public servants. Due to its nature, public data may be contained, among others, in public records, public documents, official gazettes and bulletins, and duly executed court rulings that are not subject to confidentiality.

Sensitive data: Sensitive data is understood to be those that affect the privacy of the owner or whose improper use may generate discrimination, such as those that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, religious or philosophical convictions, union membership, etc. social, human rights organizations or that promote the interests of any political party or that guarantee the rights and guarantees of opposition political parties, as well as data related to health, sexual life, and biometric data.

Processor: natural or legal person, public or private, that by itself or in association with others, performs the processing of personal data on behalf of the controller.

Responsible for the treatment: natural or legal person, public or private, that by itself or in association with others, decides on the database and/or the treatment of the data.

Owner: natural person whose personal data is processed.

Transfer: The transfer of data takes place when the person in charge and/or in charge of the treatment of personal data, located in Colombia, sends the information or personal data to a recipient, who in turn is the person in charge of the treatment and is inside or outside from the country.

Transmission: Treatment of personal data that implies the communication of the same inside or outside the territory of the Republic of Colombia when its purpose is to carry out a Treatment by the Manager on behalf of the Responsible.

Treatment: any operation or set of operations on personal data, such as collection, storage, use, circulation or deletion.


MEDICO AEROSPACIAL S.A.S. requires the prior informed and express authorization of the Owner, which will be obtained by written means, either physical or electronic, in such a way that it can be subject to subsequent consultation.

When requesting the information from the Owner, the purpose for which the personal data is collected is clearly informed, the treatment to which the personal data may be subjected, their rights and the means through which they can be exercised and the power to authorize or not the treatment in case of sensitive data.

Authorization of the Owner of the personal data is not required when it comes to:

  • Respond to a court order or when requested by a public or administrative entity in the exercise of its legal functions;
  • personal data of a public nature;
  • cases of medical or health urgency;
  • information authorized by law for historical, statistical or scientific purposes
  • Data related to the civil registry of people

The authorization will be obtained through any means that may be subject to subsequent consultation, such as the website, forms, formats, face-to-face activities or through social networks, etc. The authorization may also be obtained based on unequivocal behaviors of the data owner that allow a reasonable conclusion that he granted authorization for the processing of his information.

If you provide us with personal information about a person other than yourself, such as your spouse or a co-worker, we understand that you have the authorization of said person to provide us with your data; and we do not verify, nor do we assume the obligation to verify the identity of the user/client, nor veracity, validity, sufficient and authenticity of the data of each one of them, provide. By virtue of the foregoing, we do not assume responsibility for damages or prejudices of any nature that could originate from the lack of veracity, homonymy or the impersonation of identity information.

If you choose to delete your information, to the extent permitted by law, we will keep certain personal information in our files in order to identify for accounting and tax purposes the data of the transactions carried out, prevent fraud, resolve disputes, investigate conflicts or incidents. , enforce our terms and conditions of use and comply with legal requirements.

However, at the time you decide to revoke your authorization, the information stored will not be used for the purposes set forth herein, only in the terms strictly necessary and defined in the previous paragraph.


The authorization for the treatment of the personal data of minors must be carried out under the authority of the parents or legal representatives of the minor.

When at the time of providing the service the Owner is accompanied by minors or persons considered to be disabled, and in which the collection of their personal data occurs, will always request the authorization of whoever has the legal representation of the minor. However, if personal information of the population mentioned here is delivered without being the legal representative, you declare that you have the authorization of the respective legal representative, directly assuming the responsibility that this entails. MEDICO AEROSPACIAL S.A.S. It will tend because at all times the rights of the same are respected, and their superior and prevailing interest. The representative must guarantee their right to be heard and assess their opinion of the treatment taking into account the maturity, autonomy and capacity of minors. The representatives are informed of the optional nature of answering questions about data of minors. The data of minors, included in a special category of protection, will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation on the matter and in accordance with the provisions of our personal data policy.


In accordance with current legal provisions, the following are the rights of the holders of personal information:

  • Right to know, update, rectify, consult your personal data at any time against MEDICO AEROESPACIAL S.A.S. regarding the data that it considers partial, inaccurate, incomplete, divided and those that lead to error.
  • Right to request at any time proof of the authorization granted to MEDICO AEROESPACIAL S.A.S., except in those cases in which the person in charge is legally released from having authorization to process the owner’s data.
  • Right to be informed by MEDICO AEROESPACIAL S.A.S. prior request of the Owner of the data, regarding the use that has been given to them.
  • Right to present before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce the complaints that it deems pertinent to assert its right to Habeas Data.
  • Right to revoke the authorization and/or request the deletion of the data, unless there is a legal or contractual duty that makes it imperative to preserve the data information.
  • Right to free access to personal data that you voluntarily decide to share with MEDICO AEROESPACIAL SAS.
  • Right to refrain from answering questions about sensitive data or about data of girls, boys and adolescents.


The Holder must guarantee the veracity of the information provided to MEDICO AEROESPACIAL S.A.S. and update your information in a timely manner. In case of falsity in the information provided MEDICO AEROESPACIAL S.A.S. disclaims any liability.


To facilitate contact with the Owner, we record and keep personal data or any related information that may be associated with the person. MEDICO AEROSPACIAL S.A.S. obtains information through the following sources:

  • When The Owner voluntarily provides information.
  • When the user creates an account on the website.
  • In the provision of services carried out by doctors attached to MEDICO AEROESPACIAL S.A.S..
  • In the processes of invoicing and reservation of services.
  • Other sources, which provide information related to the service that the user requires.
  • In the processes of commercial activities
  • In development of educational activities
  • In the exercise of labor processes

The personal information collected may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Name, addresses and telephone numbers
  2. Date and place of birth, as well as your gender
  3. Email addresses
  4. Information necessary to facilitate contact or other services, including family or work information
  5. ID number, passport, nationality and country of residence
  6. Identification, representation and existence in the case of legal persons
  7. Use of services
  8. Personal information provided through surveys or other research methods
  9. Personal information provided through User Service
  10. Voice and images sent through any medium
  11. Basic data of the person responsible for the patient, as well as the health promoting entity to which they are affiliated
  12. Travel information: type of request, destination, departure date, duration, lodging, food, additional services, transportation service, budget.

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