Below we will help you determine if you are in adequate medical condition to dive. At the end of the questionnaire we will tell you if you can dive without problems or require an evaluation with a doctor. In addition, we will send you a report that meets the standards of the "Diver Medical Screen Committee (DMSC)" which is accepted for the practice of diving internationally.
IMPORTANT: For your safety and that of the people who dive with you, it is essential that you answer all the questions in this questionnaire honestly, given that there are some medical conditions that can be dangerous when diving and must be evaluated by a medical professional.
Instructions: Complete this questionnaire as a prerequisite for freediving or scuba diving training. For women: If you are pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, do not dive.
Certificado médico para distintos tipos de visa
Certificado médico de aptitud para la práctica deportiva
Certificado médico para iniciar estudios
Certificado médico para para el entrenamiento de apnea o de buceo con equipo autónomo
¿Estás planeando un viaje a Colombia o dentro de Colombia? ¡Asegúrate de que tu salud esté en las mejores manos con nuestros servicios médicos especializados para viajeros!
Examen médico para certificado general, certificado médico para visa, estudio o deportistas
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